The Berean Publishing Trust

The Berean Publishing Trust is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) registered with The Charity Commission for England and Wales. The registered name is The Berean Publishing Trust CIO. The Charity Number is 1157914. The registered name is often abbreviated to the following: “BPT”, “BPT CIO”, or simply, The “Berean Publishing Trust”.

The mission of The Berean Publishing Trust CIO is to preserve, to distribute, to evangelise and to educate the biblical expositions of our founder, Charles H. Welch, and other Biblical teachers and expositors who are committed to the doctrinal basis of the Trust.

Our Trustees, Michael Garstang, Archie Falisi, and Hean Tan, are fully committed to deliver and carry out the mission of the Trust outlined. In our work, The Berean Publishing Trust CIO publishes The Berean Expositor, which includes this website and the printed magazine, as well as other books, booklets, leaflets, audio materials, video materials, and various forms of media. Our fellowship includes Biblical Expositions of the same nature, regularly held by our minister, Michael Garstang, who preaches to our Fellowship most weeks.

The Berean Publishing Trust CIO Trustees, have commissioned Streets Chartered Accountants in Lincoln to help us process necessary regulatory compliance, audit requirements, and document submissions to government offices, one of which is The Charity Commission for England and Wales. They ensure that all activities are enacted in the interests of the Trust.

If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.