New Website for The Berean Expositor!

Welcome to the official website of The Berean Expositor, a magazine which our first expositor, Charles H. Welch, founded in 1909.

We would like to thank Michael and Ping Garstang for making this possible. The official website of The Berean Expositor has had a long and difficult journey, from, to, to what it looks like today. Thank you, readers, for your patience.

We would like to thank Mr. D. Wright for holding the fort of for so long, and it has served us well with book orders.

We would like to thank all who were contacted for their feedback prior to launch, very much appreciated.

This is the beginning of the digital publication for The Berean Expositor, and we hope to build a friendly, berean online community for those with an appreciation for Charles H. Welch, Stuart Allen and all the great expositors who have contributed to the magazine.

Please feel free to leave a comment below for all our fellow bereans who visit this page. Otherwise, please contact us to leave a private message.