Opening Remarks of The Berean Expositor

Preface: This article was written by our founder, Charles H. Welch, in The Berean Expositor circa. 1910. It was our first editor’s message to which we adhere until this day. We continue to publish expositions of The Word of God, and make known the teachings of Scripture presented by Charles H. Welch, and Stuart Allen, and the successors thereof.

We believe that a word or two would not be amiss, and will certainly answer the queries of some of our readers as to the Purpose, Plan, Platform, and Programme of this little Pamphlet. We believe implicitly, and as a matter beyond dispute, that the original Hebrew and Greek of the Old and New Testaments are fully and verbally inspired. “All Scripture (γραφή, transliteration: graphé, meaning that which is written), is God-breathed” (2 Timothy 3:16). We desire, as grace may be given, to “search the Scriptures daily”, and to publish the results regardless of the approval or the disapproval of any. Let it be at once understood, the Bible is infallible, but the searcher is not. There will doubtless be much of human error, but we write the Berean Expositor, for Berean readers, trusting that they will test every statement by the Word of truth.

We do not intend to apologise for the Bible, nor for any teaching which may from time to time be brought to light. While we would seek to avoid any appearance of callousness, and would endeavour not to wound the feelings of our brethren, yet we intend, the Lord being our Helper, to turn back for nothing. We desire the same spirit, in at least some measure, that underlies the words of Paul, “None of these things move me”. Some readers have written words of encouragement, some of warning and censure. We thank them all, but would publicly ask them to refrain from warning us as to “tendencies”, etc., etc. We wish it to be plainly understood that we desire to be kept absolutely regardless of tendencies, if the consideration of such would prevent us from honestly prosecuting our search in the wonderful Word of God.

We are told that we are robbing the Lord’s children of their Bible, and of much of their possessions, by our teaching that the mystery was not revealed until after Acts 28. We are told that our article dealing with Romans 5 savours of “Universalism” and other “isms”. We shall be told that we are on “dangerous ground” with regard to the question of the “Immortality of the soul”; we care not for these things, all we seek is that every reader will “search and see whether these things are so“. If the soul is immortal – good, let us believe it; if not – still good, let us reject it. We cannot go further with Romans 5 and Genesis 3 until this subject is settled.

One thing more. We wish it to be understood that we are not attempting in this day of corporate failure to organise a primitive church, nor to start another “Meeting”, or circle of “Fellowship”. We do not refrain by reason of indifference, but from our understanding of the Word of truth. The Bible Readings that are given at different places are purely Bible Readings and nothing more, the truth received thereat working its own way in each individual case. All believers are welcome, and some who do come represent widely differing sections of Christendom. We impose no code or terms of fellowship, but we have the joy of seeing widely differing brethren drawn together by the bonds of truth, and of seeing some who are enslaved in the fetters of tradition realising the force of the words, “the truth shall make you free”.

The enemy is advancing, we have put on the armour of God; let us not “bite and devour one another”, but gathering around the glorious truth of God, “Let us stand fast to the freedom wherewith Christ has made us free.”